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I work from home on a number of things and sometimes find some down time to enjoy making meals.  Having worked remotely now for 18 years there are a few things I have learned, and one is that you should take the time out to prepare a good healthy meal.  Because I don’t commute of have business lunches,  taking the extra time afforded me to create dishes is a bonus.

Reasons working at home is better than going to an office

My friend Helena who owns Mi Ola Swimwear ( posted and article called 12 Struggles Only People Who Work From Home Truly Understand (Playboy) , so I had to counter with the positives of not having to go to an office daily.

I first started telecommuting in 2003 when I lived in Beverly Hills, and ran an online gaming portal.  In 2006, when I moved to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, this continued and still does.  People used to ask me what I was hiding from because I worked in the tropics running businesses based in North America and Europe. They didn’t get it.

Then came the cloud, skype and the realization that one didn’t need an office.  Now people get it.  So here are my top ten reasons why working at home is better than going to an office.

 1 – You can get your work done in 1/4 the time because there is no water cooler chit chat

Only 21% of bosses think that water cooler chats boost productivity, and they are right.  These gab fests can go from a casual hello into half hour long gab fests about the latest episode of the Bachelor.  Worse of all, they can degrade into office gossip, or heaven forbid, those sordid office romances.

2 – More quality time with your cat or dog (or child)

Let’s face it.  We have become slaves to the working world and our children are left fending for themselves in Daycare.  Working at home just means you can take 15 here and there and be a great parent.

3 – It’s cheaper to eat at home and way tastier than the hot dog cart

There is a temptation to go raid the fridge when you first start working from home as an excuse to get away from your duties.  In the long run, you will change.  The meals you end up having for lunch will be more nutritious and less fattening than going out, and think of the money you will save.

4 – No annoying co-workers telling you about their night with garlic/booze breath

Yea.  We’ve all been there.  That guy or gal who comes to work in the morning and you just know they’re still drunk from the night before.  Ugh.  The obvious bonus here is that working from home means you can enjoy the silence of your hangover the way it should be…in silence.

5 – No drop ins from sales reps or rugby buddies

Ok.  I am in sales.  But having people do the ‘drop-in’ was the worst.  It totally messes with your schedule and if your friends come by, you can be guaranteed glares and sneers from coworkers.

6 – No judging when you take an afternoon snooze

Having a 45 minute snooze in the afternoon is something I picked up in Costa Rica.  It’s good for you.  Don’t believe me?  Google it.  You’ll be more productive and live longer.

7 – Showering is an option.  Mid-day baths are a bonus. 

Some mornings I get on the phone right away and don’t have time for a shower until later in the day.  Working from home, I can schedule my calls around a quick shower.  Definitely not worried about how I look at the office anymore unless I have to go on skype.  Then I have catastrophic camera failure.

8 – You pick your own hours and schedule them around high tide, powder conditions, fish jumping, windy days and those days when you need a break

Make your own schedule…take conference calls from a mountain top…write a memo from the beach.  So long as you do your work, then who cares when or where it is being done.

 9 – Your Boss isn’t looking over your shoulder


No More TPS reports on the weekend.  And you will be way more productive if you are disciplined.  Way more.

10 – If you want to work in your underwear, no one will judge you.


Except maybe the UPS driver.

“Whatever you do and wherever you go and however you get there, just remember one thing: surfers travel.  If you don’t, you might as well quit.”



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