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Cooking with Patrick Smyth

Corona Time, with a little Mexican Food

A bit about who I really am! Patrick Smyth in Vancouver.

Patrick Smyth is the Founder and Managing Director of Ocean Eclipse Venture Capital Inc., that provided venture capital, early stage financing, corporate and public media relations, investment research, analysis, taking private companies public, 504 PPM’s and other specialized services to emerging technology and breakout corporations.

He was also the Founder and Managing Director at iSmartCheck, an electronic transaction processor and provider of online payment solutions working closely with major banks and processing corporations.

Mr. Smyth has a number of years experience include the building of infrastructures and management of private and public companies; specifically in high technology industries. His broad experience also covers the fields of eCommerce, Database Management, Financial Accounting and Public Markets, and he has had interests of varying degrees in a number of other companies, both private and publicly traded, in the Financial Processing Industry, Telecommunications Industry, Commodities, Oil & Gas, Green Energy Technologies and Online Advertising.

Mr. Smyth has a history in wanting to better the planet, including being the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, working with Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc. and co-founding Clean Goal LLC. Patrick spends as much time as he can outdoors, is a member of the Surfrider Foundation and makes conscious efforts to being part of the solution from the simple act of promoting ‘catch & release’ to investing in new technologies that profit both the environment and the pocket-book.

Mr. Smyth was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, graduating from St. George’s Boys School and then attended the University of British Columbia graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.


• Finance, raising capital, public company filings
• Securities Law
• Energy
• Payment processing
• Electronic payment solutions
• Public Speaking and Public relations
• Corporate Management
• Casinos, Poker, Gaming, Sportsbooks
• Financial processing
• Mergers and Acquisition
• Successful start up experience